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Josette. 24. Austin, TX. Freelance photographer. Social media.
Tegan & Sara. An Horse. Sick of Sarah. Now, Now. Sarah Jaffe. The Jezabels. Paramore.
Sylvia Plath. Andrea Gibson. Walt Whitman. Emily Dickinson.

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omg <3


Paramore albums Minimalist Posters

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i’m so over white people who love sriracha sauce

This is funny to me because I have never had sriracha before

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Huxley vs. Orwell

the darkest part of this comic is the realization that they were both right

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Yuko Higuchi

Hi, my precious followers! I am really excited to tell this big news. At least this is the big news for me ;) My first “Artworks” will be published from Graphicsha, Inc. ( on 6th December. 
Kinokuniya, One of the most famous bookstores in Japan will sell my books in some branches in the USA!!!

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